Complimentary KAP LIVE Class This Wednesday, January 5th at 12pm PST


You’re Invited To Join Our Free Live Class to Explore The Newest Revolutionary Treatment In Mental Health For Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is a revolutionary treatment that’s proven to help treat depression, anxiety and PTSD. We offer this service in our office or in the comfort of your home under the continuous guidance of medical professionals to help you safely receive the treatment.

Make positive change in your life as we begin a new year. Join Dr. Bhavsar to explore the following ways Ketamine Therapy can provide life-changing results.

  • Help shift the mind and open new doors while enhancing multiple neuropathways in your brain
  • Let patients experience powerful positive shifts in mood and expect results quickly after treatment
  • Experience a treatment that  is safe, controlled and easily administered orally and has no long-term side effects or addiction risks
  • Helps foster change in the patient’s mindset
  • Improves enjoyment of life and connections in patient’s relationships
  • Be administered from the comfort of your home via online video counseling

This Live Class provides the opportunity to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation and evaluation at no cost to you so you can learn more about this treatment and if it’s a good fit. You’ll also have the opportunity to consult with Dr. Bhavsar so you can have your questions answered by our Medical Doctor.

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