Latest Past Events

The New U Therapy Center Summer Beach Event

The New U Therapy Center Summer Beach Event took place on 7/15/2023 at Santa Monica Beach. It was a fantastic day that allowed us to unwind, relax and enjoy each other's company outside work. We kicked off the event with a scrumptious lunch at The Lobster with the stunning ocean view. After lunch, some of…

Trauma Healing IOP

WE’RE NOW ENROLLING FOR OUR MARCH 6, 2023 IOP PROGRAM! THERE ARE ONLY 12 PARTICIPANT SLOTS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Experience rapid relief Breathe without fear of intense flashbacks Overcome recurring nightmares and exhausting anxiety Stop feeling so on edge Get their energy back Find clarity, focus, and a renewed sense of life

Upcoming Hypnosis Workshop

New U Therapy Center 25000 Avenue Stanford, Valencia

TOPIC: RELATIONSHIPS PRESENTER: Inna Lee, LMFT, CCHT Hypnotherapist Licensed Psychotherapist Faculty of University of Phoenix Motivational Speaker WHAT TO EXPECT: Identify your matching partner and finding out if your current partner is your soulmate.  Sexuality and Suggestibility Tests Communication to create hypnosis in relationships Relationship strategies Relationship beliefs and images Find out why you are…