IOP/PHP Screening

Does the patient meet moderate or severe criteria for self-harm or suicidal ideation?
Is the patient moderately or severely impaired in their daily function? (e.g. Symptoms inhibit the patient's ability to fully and completely function in their home, work, school, or other daily environment).
Are there medical, addictive, or psychiatric comorbidities? (e.g. Severe/chronic medical conditions, use/abuse of addictive drugs/substances, more than one mental health diagnosis).
Does the patient experience elevated risk factors compared to protective factors in their living environment? (e.g. Serious disruption, conflict, or abuse in the family or social milieu; Overwhelming demands or stress; exposure to risk factors such as excessive drug or alcohol use; Housing, financial, or other temporal instability).
Three "Yes" Responses indicate that the client/patient should be referred to the IOP or PHP Program. Discuss with the client/patient and inform them that they meet criteria to be assessed for a higher level of care and document the medical necessity for the referral in the intake note.