New U Therapy Now Offers a Yoga Wellness Program for Employees

New U Therapy Now Offers a Yoga Wellness Program for Employees Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm PST 

Set Up: The best is if the participants can join via a laptop or computer. It’s a little hard to see on a phone once we start moving. It’s important that they have some lighting so that I can see them and that the camera is not cutting off their body when going from seated to standing. The mat should be set up with the long side of the mat facing the camera.

Props: Yoga mat, a blanket, a small towel and water (maybe a pillow for comfort when in resting pose but not necessary).

Dress: Comfortable clothing to be able to move with ease, barefoot.

Music: I don’t play music when teaching on Zoom since it becomes difficult to hear the instructions when music is on. If someone would like to play their own music they are welcome to do so.

Mic: Turned on in the beginning and the end of class. Questions are welcome before and after practice. Mic turned off during practice.

The Yoga Program will be adapted and shaped in relationship to people present in the group. During our first time together I will get some understanding of people’s needs in relationship with Yoga and well being. Sometimes students need a more relaxing soothing class and sometimes students like a stronger practice to build up stamina.

Class structure: Breath work, Intention setting, Grounding, Warm Up, Seated poses, Standing Balancing poses, Warrior Series, Supine Poses and Savasana (resting pose) with Guided Progressive Relaxation.

The above is an example of a class structure. There can always be some variations within that structure.