DeAdra Jordan, PMHNP, Psychiatric NP

PMHNP, Psychiatric NP

Accepts ages: 18-65+

Most Major Insurances


Mental health disordersMood disordersDepressionFamily ConflictADHD

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DeAdra Jordan, MSN, PMHNP-BC, has over two decades of experience working with a diverse
range of individuals. Her clinical experiences include providing psychiatric care in various
settings, including outpatient clinics, telehealth platforms, and inpatient psychiatric units. DeAdra
is committed to providing evidence-based care to improve her patients’ quality of life and
outcomes. She is dedicated to developing a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship with
her clients to help them achieve their goals.
● Increasing Self-Awareness
● Strengthening Coping Skills
● Stress Management
● Providing a safe and trusting therapeutic relationshi

● Experienced in providing comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, assessments, and
medication management to adults with mental health disorders
● Skilled in developing client-centered care and treatments based on evidence-based
● Proficient in diagnosing according to the DSM V and listening to clients' concerns and
● Proficient in ordering and interpreting appropriate diagnostic procedures and tests,
prescribing and monitoring psychopharmacological medication, and monitoring response
and evaluating adverse side effects

Walden University

  • Masters of Science in Nursing


The University of Texas at Tyler

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing


● Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques
● Solution Focused Therapy Techniques
● Motivational Interviewing
● Client-Centered
● Strength-based and holistic approach

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