Marlon Carlo Estella, PMHNP, Psychiatric NP

PMHNP, Psychiatric NP

Accepts ages: 13-65+

Most Major Insurances


AnxietyMood disordersAddiction and Substance Abuse Bipolar DisorderPsychotic DisordersSleep Disorders/InsomniaNeurodevelopmental disordersAlcohol and Drug Use Issues

Carlo has over 12 years in the medical field working in the acute care setting as a
registered nurse. As an emergency room nurse, he helped provide immediate and
specialized care to patients in medical crises. He also has experience as a charge
nurse at an addiction medicine clinic, overseeing the care of patients struggling
with addiction to drugs and alcohol. In 2023, Carlo obtained a postgraduate degree
as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). Carlo interned at New U
Therapy while in grad school and later served as a Ketamine Nurse to provide
ketamine therapy for patients with treatment resistant depression. Carlo is
committed to ongoing professional development, staying abreast of the latest
research, knowledge, and advancements in psychiatric nursing. He is passionate
about empowering patients and families through education and advocacy for
mental health awareness.


  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Educate individuals and family members about their mental health issues
  • Strengthen coping skills
  • Provide a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship
  • Promote mental health advocacy<
  • Embrace technology and advancements in knowledge of mental health treatments
  • Maintain ethical practice
  • Conduct comprehensive psychiatric assessments, utilizing advanced diagnostic skills to
    formulate treatment plans for patients with diverse mental health disorders (including):
  • ○ Anxiety and Mood disorders
    ○ Addiction and Substance Abuse
    ○ Psychotic Disorders
    ○ Neurodevelopmental disorders
    ○ Sexuality (LGBTQ)
    ○ Ketamine Treatment for Treatment Resistant Depression
    ○ 11+ years of Emergency Medicine as a Registered Nurse
  • Prescribe and manage psychotropic medications, closely monitor patients for therapeutic
    response and potential side effects to optimize treatment
  • Demonstrate cultural competence and sensitivity in delivering care to diverse
    populations, recognizing and addressing unique cultural factors impacting mental health
  • Collaboration with the interdisciplinary healthcare team to develop and implement holistic
    care plans, to meet the individual needs of each patient
  • Engage in ongoing professional development, attending conferences, workshops, and
    obtaining relevant certifications to enhance clinical expertise as a mental health
  • Walden University

  • Masters of Science in Nursing (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse
    Practitioner- Board Certified by the ANCC)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN- Registered Nurse)

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