It is the time to reevaluate our values, relationships, finances, goals


During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, we must shelter in place alone, with either our significant others and family members.

This time can trigger multiple issues for us that were “masked” or numbed before. We were spending lots of time at work, with other people, doing other activities that were only keeping us from resolving our problems. When we stayed busy and away from our issues, the problems didn’t seem that big or we pretended that they didn’t exist at all.

Now, when we all must stay home, our problems have surfaced and started to let us know they are there with emphasized and demanding focus. Relationship issues with our loved ones, children and parents, food, job, finances, and even ourselves, started to be visible and overwhelming, creating more stress, higher anxiety and depression. 

However, this might be the time for us to acknowledge the problems and start resolving them. It is the time to reevaluate our values, relationships, finances, goals and identify what we want. 

We can ask ourselves, “What is the purpose of our life? What is the mission of our life? Is it that simple just to be happy? Is it a crime to be happy?  Is now the time to take action and change something or everything in our life?”

Depression, anxiety, stress, anger, guilt, unhappiness are just symptoms of your “system” that is letting you know that something is wrong, like it’s trying to say, “please, pay attention and do something”. These are our valued emotions that we ignored for a long time but can no longer ignore because it’s unbearably painful. 

It is the time to invest your time and energy to working on a New U, not only your body but on your mind, emotions, cognition, and belief system. It is the time to create a balance and a harmony between your body and your mind that will reflect in all aspects of your life.

New U Therapy Center & Family Services have many specialists, psychiatric staff and psychotherapists, that stand by and are ready to help you or your family member to start making necessary changes in life.  The COVID-19 situation has created a new reset, giving us time to take some actions for necessary changes. Our staff members are available via telehealth appointments. You can easily make a request for an appointment by going to our website and submitting your information via our HIPAA compliant appointment system.

We also accept applications for deep TMS therapy for resistant and increased depression. TMS treatment takes only 6-8 weeks and can be covered by insurance. Within a short period of time, depression and anxiety can be reduced or eliminated. During quarantine, we can work on obtaining pre-authorizations from insurances so when we can go back to the clinic, you can start your TMS treatment without a delay.

To submit a request for free TMS evaluation, please go to our website at and submit your information via the “Book an Appointment” tab.