Now Aceepting Tricare, Triwest, and Medicare for Spravato!

Now Aceepting Tricare, Triwest, and Medicare for Spravato!


We’re thrilled to announce we can now treat Tricare, Triwest, and Medicare patients with Spravato—a breakthrough prescription nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression. Here are a few things everyone should know about Spravato Esketamine Nasal Spray…


  • Spravato is the first and only nasal spray approved by the FDA for patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression.
  • Spravato is a type of Ketamine.
  • Spravato works on a different neurotransmitter than traditional antidepressants called glutamate (which can lead to increased neuroplasticity).
  • If you’ve tried therapy, medication and other treatments for depression without relief, Ketamine Treatment might be right for you. 



Spravato Is Covered By Most Major Insurance Companies


For patients at New U Therapy & Family Services who have expressed interest in the transformative benefits of Ketamine, this is an exciting step forward! We understand that the cost of care can be a consideration, and this expanded coverage means that more individuals can now access the benefits of Spravato treatment while utilizing their insurance coverage.


Our commitment to your well-being drives us to continually seek innovative solutions that empower you on your journey toward mental wellness. If you or someone you know has been navigating the complexities of treatment-resistant depression, we invite you to explore this innovative treatment that offers new hope and healing.