Think Of Your Brain As A Garden – Here’s Why…

Even if gardening isn’t a personal hobby, you’ve probably encountered a weathering plant at some point in your life. The leaves look wilted, brown, and dry. Maybe it needs more water, sunlight, fertilizer, or a combination of the three to bring it back to life! Of course, every plant is different, but they all have the same basic needs: water, sunlight, and nourishment.

            In many ways, your brain is a lot like a garden. You have to water, fertilize, and give it plenty of  sunlight if you want it to grow healthy and strong. If you’ve ever wished your mind could be a beautiful  oasis of productivity and happiness, think of it as a thriving garden and treat it as such. .

            Imagine your mental roadblocks as weeds

            If you don’t make an effort to tend to your thoughts, they will become unruly. Weeds will start taking over, and before you know it, they will run the show.

            However, if you want a healthy brain, it is important to be intentional about the thoughts you allow to take root. Choose to focus on thoughts that make you feel good. Be diligent about weeding out the            negative, harmful, and unproductive thoughts and make a conscious effort to cultivate healthy ones.

            Find the areas that need more light

            Avoid overwhelming yourself by thinking you need to improve everything about your life or mental health at once. After all, gardens are vast, and those that are anything like our minds are filled with hundreds of different types of plants, each with its special care instructions.

            You don’t need to know exactly how to care for each area of your life or mind, just like you  don’t need to know where to place a particular plant to notice its small, pale, or yellow leaves or stem  stretching toward the sun.

            Perhaps it’s negativity or stress blocking out the light – you will know when something in your  life or mind isn’t quite right. Whatever it is, tend to the areas that need the most work and go from  there. You will get a feel for what to tend to – and how – as you go along. The key is to be patient, have  hope, and keep moving forward.

            Continue to nourish your brain garden with proper nutrition

            You are what you eat is a concept that also extends to your thoughts. Eating nutritious foods –  including omega-three fatty acids, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, and zinc – helps improve blood flow  and cognitive function while building blocks for healthy cells and neurotransmitters.   

            In the same way, exercise increases blood flow and releases endorphins to reduce stress and     produce mood-boosting effects.

            When you take care of your body, nourishing it with a balance of rest, sleep, and activity, you’re indirectly taking care of your mind.

            Depression can prevent you from having a green, thriving brain garden

            If you are struggling with depression, it can feel like your thoughts, mood, and energy are all  withering away. Sometimes it takes more than just water and sunlight to rebloom. This is also true in  cases of treatment-resistant depression.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) can help improve your mood and transform your brain garden from dull and lifeless to thriving and healthy!